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Limpid Turquoise Sea and Exquisite Beaches

The island is a designated “Blue Zone”, a region where people live longer and healthier lives than anywhere else on the planet. This island allows a true experience in Mediterranean life. The cuisine offers an extensive  repertoire of dishes influenced by Corsica and Italy, accompanied by a variety of wines. The exciting point about taking your time off in Sardinia is that during the day you can explore exciting coves and swim in the sea alongside shoals of fish, in contact with nature.

Eyewear Club recommends Cala Coticcio, for swimming in crystal clear water, the famous Cala di Volpe,  in summer full of striking yachts and transparent water, Isola Giardinelli for those who want to be in full contact with mother nature, Cala Lunga and Golfo Aranci, equally beautiful but each with its own personality.

In terms of beach clubs and restaurants, Eyewear Club recommends Phi Beach to see the sunset and listen to cool DJs. Nikki Beach during the day, to enjoy a nice lunch on the beach surrounded by beautiful people and good music. Other cool restaurants and spots in terms of landscape and good food are Aruanà Churrascaria Porto Cervo which has Brasilian notes, La Scogliera and if you are able to visit the beautiful Tavolara Island, you mustn’t miss Ristorante La Corona Tavolara. Hope we can travel soon and enjoy these incredible destinations!

Eyewear Club Team